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Fish Pedicure - Foot care of nibble fish ....

The very special pedicure for all ages.

What is fish pedicure?

It is a warm foot bath with cute little fish.
These nibble the top dead skin of your feet in 30-32 degrees warm water and leave it buttery soft.

Fish instead of file against the cornea. Since they have no teeth, they do so with their little mouths.
This gentle, natural scrub leaves a soft and soft skin on the feet.

Just call for an appointment. Appointments are possible on the same day, even at very short notice.
Tel: 0221-54817627.

We look forward to you!
MARINAFISH SPA KÖLN (city center - Neumarkt)


15 minutes of nibbling - 15 €
20 minutes of nibbling - 20 €
30 minutes nibbling - 25 €
45 minutes of nibbling - 30 €
60 minutes of nibbling - 40 €

Birthday children of all ages get 1 fish pedicure free of charge.
With our bonus card the 10th treatment is free of charge.
Spa couples pool + single window seat
* Optional:
Foot massage at the end + 5 € per 5 minutes