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Waxing Cologne
The advantages of Waxing:
In contrast to shaving you get rid of waxing the hair for 3-5 weeks. Also, shaving picks and bristly stubble do not occur. In addition, hair growth decreases with regular waxing, since the hairs together with the root are removed. And the hair root is partially damaged. This results in less and finer hair. There is only a fluffy, thin fleece.

We give a guarantee on the effectiveness of our treatment.
That is, We will detain you within 48 hours free of charge, you should discover still missing > 3-5 mm length.
This guarantee is unique in Cologne.
Waxing Cologne
Armpits - 10 €
Intimate complete - 20 € (without troche)
Intimate complete - 25 € (incl.
Bikini / Thong - 10 €
Buttocks - 10 €
Pofalte - 10 €
Arms (half) - 10 €
Arms complete - 20 €
Lower leg - 15 €
Legs complete - 25 € (upper & lower leg)
Back top - 15 € (shoulders)
Lower back - 15 € (rump / loins)
Breast - 15 €
Belly - 10 €
Face part - € 5 each (lip, neck, nose, ears, chin, cheek, etc.)
Feet - 5 €
Hands - 5 €

Prices are for men and women equal (unisex) incl. VAT
Waxing Cologne
This is our Depiladora Marina. She hairs you off with us
Waxing Cologne
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Waxing Cologne

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Waxing Cologne

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Waxing Cologne

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